The access system to our facilities is governed by the approved Access Policy

Users of the Microscopy Service shall read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Requests are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

In order to manage properly the service, all applications should be sent with, at least, one week notice. Their admission will depend on the availability of the Service.

Services may be:

  • Delegated Service: The CLPU technicians and/or scientists will carry out the service according to the applicant’s instructions. The applicant may not be present during the service.
  • Assisted Service: The applicant will personally monitor the service, which will be carried out with the permanent assistance and collaboration of CLPU technicians and/or scientists.
  • Unassisted Service: Only in certain cases, users could be authorized to screen the images personally, under appropriate control and supervision.

In any case, users shall be responsible for the preparations of the specimens, according to the instructions detailed by the technician in charge of the Microscopy Service. CLPU reserves the right to refuse any specimens that not fulfill requirements.

Apart from the users’ name, their institution and project title, CLPU shall not disclose any other information regarding projects developed by third parties in the Center without their authorization.