The mechatronics workshop is a fusion of mechanical and electronic workshops. It was designed to serve the laser users at CLPU as well as other institutions related with laser technology.

The most important equipment in the machining workshop is a vertical continuous-five-axis-milling machine that can produce pieces of high complexity, from opto-mechanical mounts to customized prototypes.

The electronic workshop is equipped for the design and production of customized circuits to be used on experiments that need different sort of sensors or actuators. It is equipped with different instruments such as oscilloscopes and functions and delay generators.

The vertical continuous-five-axis-milling machine is the main equipment of this unique workshop. It is one of the few machines of this kind in Spain out of the aeronautical or the automotive sectors. It is the guaranty of CLPU to have independence in the laser technic design. It allows to the Centre produce specific pieces for every technical need.

Continuous-five-axis-milling machine

The process begins with a detailed three-dimensional design of the piece. It also can prepare assemblies and simulations before the manufacturing by using SolidWorks software. After that, it traduces the design in instructions that the machine can understand (Mastercam program).

The machining workshop is also equipped with a jig saw, a vertical drilling machine, a lathe and other tools for the fabrication of tailor-made complex parts.

Lathe   Jig Saw   Vertical drilling
  Other tools

The workshop can developed and repair electronics devices to some level of complexity thanks to its professional tools. The process begins on the office with the design of the circuits, later a PCB is manufactured and components can be soldered to it using a “pick and place” machine. The CLPU has a small manual pick and place machine.

For soldering and rework the workshop has two stations, one being hand-held type and the other having a stand for hot-air soldering with IR preheating.

Soldering and desoldering station   Hot air rework station   IR preheating with stand

The tools are completed with a small optical binocular microscope for inspection and a small fume extractor with filters for air cleanliness and healthy environment.

Microscope   Fume extractor

Electronic Instruments

DC Power Supply   500MHz Digital Oscilloscope   Function Generator   Digital Delay Generator