Ultrashort Laser Applications and Micromaterial Processing

This service is subject to the rates and fee policy.

However, upon request, the Center could grant a total or partial fee exemption. To do so, applicants shall justify that request on the service application form, as well as demonstrate the interest of the project in which the results of the service will be included and inform about any other funding received for this service.

Once the application has been submitted and accepted, the Management Area will send a Service Estimate (including info about the fee exemption, if applicable). If the estimate is accepted, it must be signed by an authorized member of the applicant’s institution and sent back to

Users granted by any exemption (total or partial) from payment shall acknowledge the participation of the Center in the publications (Scientific papers, posters, reports…) in which images, data, reports, and analysis provided by the CLPU are included, with the following statement or similar:

“The author(s) would like to acknowledge Spanish Center for Pulsed Lasers (CLPU) for the results obtained with the Laser Service (High Repetition Rate laser system) and their scientific and/or technical assistance”

Besides, these users undertake to send the CLPU the details about publications or use (thesis, dissertations, papers,…) given to that images, data, reports, and analysis, filling in the form (Scientific Communications Register) and to send a hard or soft copy of the publication with the acknowledgment.