The Laser-Plasma Chair at the University of Salamanca develops a laser-plasma physics investigation related to the CLPU experimental activity. Experiments are performed in Salamanca and abroad in collaboration with internationally recognized scientific groups. The Laser-Plasma Chair form young scientists in the field of High-Power Laser-Plasmas and Particle Radiation beams at the University of Salamanca by organizing dedicated courses at USAL, and in collaboration with CLPU, for Ms and Ph.D. students in Salamanca. Within this action, we present the 1st course on Charged Particle Beams & Laser-Driven Plasmas; interaction laser-plasma processes dedicated to diagnostic techniques.

High-intensity lasers can generate high brilliant beams of charged particles and extreme states of Plasmas, at such laser intensities particles are accelerated at ultra-relativistic velocities and extreme states of matter can be easily generated (i.e Warm Dense Matter…). Several fundamental and applied investigations are possible via laser-plasma processes opening a new exciting field of physics in which both the plasma and laser science and technology merge together and their interplay from the ‘Laser-Plasma Physics’. In particular, charged beams interaction with matter is of extreme interest for several civil applications such as for example, proton therapy in Medicine, Ion-imaging in Biology, and particle-induced x-Ray emission PIXE in Cultural Heritage.

The Centro de Láseres Pulsados –CLPU– is one of the most representative facilities in this area operating a PW level system working at 1-10 Hz repetition rate.

The course intends to introduce undergraduates students to the Physics of charged particle beam interaction with plasmas. A first basic introduction to the theory of Plasma dynamic and charged beam transport will be done.

This course consists of three parts and one experimental training:

The course is organized in a period from February to June 2021 at CLPU in person and/or online with the Zoom platform depending on the number of students, the CLPU experimental activity, and the COVID-19 situation.

Prof. Luca Volpe, Directo of the CLPU Laser-Plasma Chair at USAL

Dr. Giancarlo Gatti, Head of the Scientific Division at CLPU


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