RIANA. Research Infrastructure Access in NAnoscience & nanotechnology



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Research in the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology is vital for sustainability globally: advancement in nanoscience and nanotechnology cannot be achieved without using research infrastructures (RI). RIANA encompasses 7 European networks of top-level RIs to cover the most advanced techniques relevant for synthesis, nanofabrication, processing, characterization, analytics, as well as simulation capacity. Highly customised and efficient access to 69 infrastructures is coordinated via a single-entry point and enabled through comprehensive Science and Innovation Service by senior scientists, experts for the transfer of technology from academia to industry, and highly trained Junior Scientists. The Junior Scientist boost RI experience to an entirely new level: they provide customised Science Service supporting users from initial ideas to hands-on experiments, data analysis and dissemination of results to generate the greatest impact from access to world-class RI. This core of RIANA is aligned to attract experienced and new users from academia or industry making their promising ideas a success and push them to higher TRL. RIANA is flexible to upcoming emergent scientific topics and needs: together with stakeholders from the nanocommunity, RIANA implements the opportunity to offer flexible access to additional infrastructures in, and even outside of Europe beyond the current consortium, and to direct the Science Service towards evolving user needs via additional specialised Junior Scientists. Based on the four years of experience, the RIANA consortium will develop a roadmap for the future of the nanoscience and nanotechnology at European RIs.