Laser-driven quasi-static B-fields for magnetized high-energy-density experiments

12 marzo 2024

The paper presents measurements of magnetic fields generated in laser-driven coil targets irradiated by laser pulses of nanosecond duration, 1.053 μm wavelength, 500 J energy, and ∼ 10 15 W/cm2 intensity, at the LULI2000 facility. Using two perpendicular probing axes, proton deflectometry is used to characterize the coil current and static charge at different times. Results reveal various deflection features that can be unambiguously linked to a looping quasi-steady current of well-understood polarity or a static charging of the coil surface. Measured currents are broadly consistent with predictions from a laser-driven diode-current source and lumped circuit model, supporting the quasi-steady assessment of the discharges. Peak magnetic fields of ∼ 50 T at the center of 500-μm-diameter coils, obtained at the moderate laser intensity, open up the use of such laser-driven coil targets at facilities worldwide to study numerous phenomena in magnetized-high-energy-density plasmas, and its potential applications.


Phys. Plasmas 31, 032702 (2024)


Vlachos, C.; Ospina-Bohórquez, V.; Bradford, P. W.; Pérez-Callejo, G.; Ehret, M.; Guillon, P.; Lendrin, M.; Vaisseau, X. Albertazzi, B.; Soussan, E.; Koenig, M.; Malko, S.; Kaur, C.; Gjevre, M.; Fedosejevs, R.; Bailly-Grandvaux, M.; Walsh, C. A.; Florido, R.; Suzuki-Vidal, F.; McGuffey, C.; Saret, J.; Beg, F. N.; Chodukowski, T.; Pisarczyk, T.; Rusiniak, Z.; Dostal, J.; Dudzak, R.; Calisti, A.; Ferri, S.; Volpe, L.; Woolsey, N. C.; Gremillet, L.; Tikhonchuk, V., and Santos, J. J.