Prize Fabre

The COST Action MP1208 promotes the 2014 Prize entitled to the memory of Edouard Fabre

15 julio 2014

The project ‘Developing the physics and the scientific community for Inertial Confinement Fusion’ (COST Action MP1208) promotes the 2014 Prize ‘Edouard Fabre’  for contribution to studying the physics of laser-driven inertial confinement fusion and physics of laser produced plasmas. The prize, consisting in a certificate and 1500 €, will be delivered at the next 7th International Congress on Plasma Physics (ICPP 2014) held in Lisbon (Portugal), from the 15th to the 19th of September 2014. The prize is especially addressed to researcher in full activity, within 15 years after obtaining their Ph.D. No special form is required. No support letter is required. Nominations and self-nominations are accepted.
Candidates sould sent the CV, list of publication, and a letter of applications to the email adress:
Deadline for applicaations: 15 August 2014