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  • Director of the CLPU – Laser Plasma Chair at the University of Salamanca (USAL)
  • Responsible of the scientific research line at the Spanish Center for Pulsed Lasers (CLPU)
  • Responsible of the Laser-Plasma Diagnostic develoopment program at CLPU
  • Member of the scientific panel for user access at the VEGA system in CLPU (Access Committee)

Field of Research

Extreme intensity, ultra-short laser matter interaction, high energy physics, laser-driven particle and radiation sources, laser-plasma and laser-particle diagnostics, advanced HRR diagnostics, proton probing matter and plasmas, laser-plasma numerial methods (PIC, kinetic scheme and Mote Carlo codes). Laser-driven shocks and highly compressed materials, fast ignition scheme to inertial confinement approach to fusion.


Author of about 60 publications, 290 citations and h index 10

  • 35 scientific papers published on refereed journals: Physicak Review Letters and PRA, PLasma Physics and Cont. Fusion, Physics of Plasmas, Nuclear Instr. and Method A, Laser Physics, Optics Comm.
  • 25 papers in books of conference proceedings –all with peer review– (AIP, SPIE, NIMA, etc.)