16-20 September 2019
CLPU (Spain)

Laser-driven plasma is the primary subject of investigation in the modern High power laser-facilities. The Centro de Láseres Pulsados (CLPU) is one of the most representative facilities in this area operating a PW level system working at 1-10 Hz. The Vega system is already in operation and several experimental campaign have been already run from several “International recognised” research groups. The combination of laser intensity, short duration and repetition rate offered by VEGA pave the way for new exiting possibilities for the next experimental campaign but also represent a scientific and technological challenge for what concern Targetry and Diagnostic techniques..

The Laser-Plasma Chair at the University of Salamanca (LaPlaSS) is supported by CLPU in order to promote and develop Laser-Plasma physics @ University of Salamanca, to support the experimental activities in the PW system VEGA @ CLPU, to drive national and International User community around Salamanca and to form and train a new generation of researchers in the field of High Power Lasers plasmas and particle-radiation beams to enable them to make optimum use of laser facilities, in novel applications.

Within this action CLPU and LaPlaSS present the 2nd Laser-Plasma Summer School LaPlaSS dedicated to “Experimental  methods for Laser-Plasma Physics”. The school is open to MSc and PhD students from Physics and related disciplines (i.e , engineering, material science. 

The main topics of the school are:

Registration deadline: 30th June 2019

LaPlaSS has received funding from Laserlab Europe – The integrated Initiative of European laser research infrastructures




Starts: Monday, 16th Sep. 2019, 09:00
Ends: Friday, 20th Sep. 2019, 15:00


Bldg. M5 Science Park
c/ del Adaja, 8. 37185 Villamayor
Salamanca, SPAIN

Dr. Luca Volpe  Registration


Scholarship… The participation in LaPlaSS is not requiring any fee, so Laserlab Europe and CLPU supports this CLPU Summer School based on Experimental methods for Laser-Plasma Physics.

Nevertheless, CLPU offers 20 scholarships with priority for students up to PhD level.
The scholarship consist in

  • free accommodation
  • 200 € reimbursement for travelling expenses