Photonics Europe 2016

Photonics Europe is the foremost European photonics R&D event, connecting photonics industry innovators with leading researchers in the conference rooms and on the exhibition floor.

SPIE Europe Photonics Europe 2016 will feature the highest quality conferences in these commercially important areas:

· Nanophotonics

· Metamaterials

· Graphene and 2D materials

· Photonic crystal materials, devices, and fibres

· Organic, Bio-, and Neurophotonics

· Quantum optics, micro-optics

· Silicon photonics and photonic integrated circuits

· Photonics for solar energy systems

· Optical micro- and nanometrology

· High-power lasers, semiconductor lasers, and laser dynamics

· Multimedia applications, image, and video processing

· Optical sensing and detection, modeling, and design

· Nonlinear optics and applications

The 2016 programme continues its focus on giving attendees access to developers and visionaries from universities and institutes. This is a great meeting to team with others interested in developing prototypes and commercializing technology.

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