23rd annual International Laser Physics Workshop

The 23rd annual International Laser Physics Workshop (LPHYS’14) will be held from 14 July to 18 July 2014 in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, at the Ramada Sofia Hotel hosted this year by the Institute of Electronics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
LPHYS’14 continues a series of workshops that took place in Dubna,1992; Dubna/Volga river tour, 1993; New York, 1994; Moscow/Volga river tour (jointly with NATO SILAP Workshop), 1995; Moscow, 1996; Prague, 1997; Berlin, 1998; Budapest, 1999; Bordeaux, 2000; Moscow, 2001; Bratislava, 2002; Hamburg, 2003; Trieste, 2004; Kyoto, 2005; Lausanne, 2006; León, 2007; Trondheim, 2008; Barcelona, 2009; Foz do Iguaçu, 2010; Sarajevo, 2011;
Calgary, 2012 and Prague, 2013.
The total number of participants this year is expected to be about 400. In the past, annual participation was typically from over 30 countries.

LPHYS’14 will offer eight scientific section seminars and one general symposium:

  • Seminar 1 Modern Trends in Laser Physics
  • Seminar 2 Strong Field & Attosecond Physics
  • Seminar 3 Biophotonics
  • Seminar 4 Physics of Lasers
  • Seminar 5 Nonlinear Optics & Spectroscopy
  • Seminar 6 Physics of Cold Trapped Atoms
  • Seminar 7 Quantum Information Science
  • Seminar 8 Fiber Optics
  • Symposium Extreme Light Technologies, Science and Applications

The LPHYS’14 Organizing and Steering Committees have announced their decision that this year LPHYS’14 will be dedicated to paying tribute to two major events: 50th anniversary of 1964 Nobel Prize in Physics, and 145th anniversary of the establishment of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

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