Optical Design & Engineering VII

Efficient and successful optical design requires a multidisciplinary approach. The optical designer needs to have material and production expertise, knowledge of the application and potential market, in addition to considerable ability in their main task; the design of an optical system with optimum performance. Advanced optical systems require a clear understanding of the physical limits, material science, and technical possibilities. Only then will the result be a competitive product optimised for best value for money. In many cases, the success of a product in the international marketplace depends on its optical design.The design software is the main tool for the designer. This tool has to keep pace with the research and development activities in the field of optical elements, illumination, detectors, and other new technologies. Contributions on the topics of design-to-cost, design-for-manufacture and design-for-industrial innovation are welcome at this conference. These topics are critical to ensuring that optical designs more effectively accommodate production constraints and new process developments in an increasingly competitive environment. This conference is intended to address an international audience of optical system designers, software development engineers, and R&D experts from industry, institutions, and academia.

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