Since the laser build by Theodore Maiman in 1960, the Science and the Technology of lasers have been developed to become tools of research and innovation. They were the key of important discovers and, nowadays, lasers have become a way to approach to the extreme knowledge. Lasers are powerful, and their applications have unknown limits.

Our facilities provide access to these capabilities to the international community and contribute to the world state-of-the-art laser technology. 

Our centre provides tools to the academic and industrial researchers to encourage private and public collaborations, to advance in knowledge, to transfer technologies… All together mean Innovation with Science. We will be the first Spanish facility with a Petawatt laser, and VEGA will turn in one of the ten most powerful world lasers. As a Unique Scientific and Technological infrastructure, we provide cutting-edge machines for several research fields in Optics and Photonics.


Attosecond Physics Laser Plasma Acceleration

Micro & Nano propagation & Characterization of ultrashort laser pulse


Non-linear propagation & Characterization of ultrashort laser pulse Radioprotection of high poer laser facilities