Minor obstetric and gynecologic procedure linked to increased risk of preterm delivery

16 junio 2015

Dilatation and curettage (D&C) is one of the most common minor surgical procedures in obstetrics and gynecology, used mainly for miscarriage or terminations. Today, use of the 15-minute procedure is declining in favor of less invasive medical methods, but it still remains common in O&G. Although D&C is generally considered safe and easy to perform, it is associated with some serious (if rare) side effects, including perforations to the cervix and uterus, infection, and bleeding. Now, an analysis 21 cohort studies which included almost 2 million women has found that a D&C performed in cases of miscarriage or induced abortion increases the chance of preterm birth (under 37 weeks) in a subsequent pregnancy by 29%, and of very preterm birth (under 32 weeks) by 69%.