Partnership Networks


Laserlab Europe

Lasers and photonics, one of only five key enabling technologies identified by the European Union, are not only essential for the scientific future but also for the socio-economic security of any country. Laserlab–Europe, now in its fifth phase, is a successful Consortium of cooperation among 35 leading organizations in laser-based.


Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI)

ELI is a European Project, involving nearly 40 research and academic institutions from 13 EU Members Countries, forming a pan-European Laser facility, that aims to host the most intense lasers world-wide. ELI will be a new scientific infrastructure devoted to scientific research in lasers' field, dedicated to the investigation and applications of laser-matter interaction at the highest intensity level (more than 6 orders of magnitude higher than today's laser intensity).


Lasers for Applications at Accelerators (LA3NET)

The goal of this network (within the FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) scheme) is the exploitation of lasers for applications at accelerator facilities for ion beam generation, acceleration and diagnostics. In this frame, research centers, universities and industry partners from across Europe will develop beyond-state-of-the-art techniques and technologies through a joint inter-sectorial training program for early stage researchers within a unique European partnership.