In this edition, the CLPU works in collaboration with ProBono COST Action CA 21128 to present the 

5th Laser-Plasmas Summer School (LaPLaSS) focused on
High-Intensity laser-plasma processes and related applications


The school is open to MSc and Ph.D. students from Physics and related disciplines
(i.e., engineering, material science...)
There is NO FEE
There will be 29 grants sponsored by the ProBono COST Action CA 21128 (for more information check 'Useful Information' item on the menu

In the next weeks we will give you more information about the LaPlaSS students and grants. Stay tunned!


Laser-Plasma Physics has been one of the highest interest emerging fields during the last years, but the historic milestone achieved by NIF in 2022 in Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) has located the field among the hottest topics not only in Physics but in general Science. Laser-driven plasma is the primary subject of investigation in modern high-power laser facilities. The Spanish Center for Pulsed Lasers (CLPU) is one of the most representative facilities in the area operating a PW-level system working at 1-10 Hz thanks to VEGA. The VEGA system is already several years in full operation and multiple experimental campaigns have been already performed by internationally recognized research groups. The special characteristics of VEGA, which combines high intensity, ultra-short duration, and high repetition rate, locate this facility in a privileged situation for new exciting possibilities in Laser-Plasma Physics and present as well important challenges for targetry and diagnostics techniques.

Under this context, the CLPU organizes its specialized summer school, LaPlaSS, which mission is to promote and develop Laser-Plasma Physics and to form and train a new generation of researchers of high-power laser-plasma, particle radiation beams, and proton boron fusion to enable them to make optimum use of laser facilities in novel applications.


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