Shock Ignition Target Susceptibility to Supra-Thermal Electron Population, 2D ALE Simulations

Nuclear fusion is the main option in order to achieve a clean and unlimited energy supply. There are a few technological research varieties among which we can find inertial confinement. Inertial confinement fusion is one of the attempts to develop nuclear fusion energy generation by heating and compressing a fuel target using high-energy beams of laser light. The energy gained by the fuel in the plasma state is given by the stopping power of the electrons of the plasma, thus a precise calculation is necessary to know this gain. However, these calculations are neither easy nor quick. The dielectric formalism has shown some benefits in dealing with this task. Combining the Levine-Louie and the Arista dielectric functions offer the possibility to account for the minimum excitation energy and for every degeneration state of the plasma, i.e. at all temperatures. Here calculations of the stopping power for H, He, Li, Be, and C are presented for various degeneration degrees using this formalism.