EVENTS 2023 | NEILS 2023

EVENTS 2023 | NEILS 2023


Salamanca. 20-21 April 2023

On April 20-21, 2023 the Laserlab- Europe meeting: “Network on Extreme Intensity Laser Systems” NEILS  will be organized by The Centro de Láseres Pulsados (CLPU) in Salamanca. 

The aim of this network activity is to gather together different European research centers to reinforce and establish collaborations and exchange knowledge about the challenges of the HRR Petawatt Science. 

In this edition, there will be round tables with these topics:

::  Data Management          

We will delve into key topics such as data standardization for Open Data (metadata etc.), automated data acquisition in Control Systems, including laser systems and common experimental diagnostics, as well as the use of laboratory notebooks as automatic data acquisition tools. Furthermore, we will explore the valuable data for real-time processing after a laser-shot, and discuss the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques in analyzing laser behavior patterns.

::  Tendencies & Strategies   

High-intensity lasers are constantly under development with the goal of reaching new frontiers of science. We will explore trends in the different facilities and strategies to address limitations or improvements in these laser systems. This will also require an understanding of the requirements of current and future users, taking into account the different types of experiments (nuclear physics, secondary sources, HED, material science, health, etc) and equipment and diagnostic systems. Finally, future strategies will be evaluated for individual and common strategies between the different facilities or larger scanner EU facilities.

::  HRR Operations 

The High Repetition Rate Operations of emerging PW and multi-PW laser facilities pose many challenges. The round will be dedicated to laser management (components degradation, thermal management, feedbacks, etc.), targetry (low/high density, strategies, alignment, debris management, etc.), detectors (active, online, trends), electromagnetic pulses, automatic control, etc.

::  Getting more from the Network

The Network of high-intense laser systems has represented, across the years, a good communication channel in order to exchange and increase knowledge in terms of user access, operation, and strategy levels, but it is time to ask more from the network. A joint effort is a necessary step forward toward the future. This can be obtained through the strengthening and extension of existing collaborations that can potentially allow the development of standard procedures, the creation of permanent forums of discussions, critical mass for initiating activities/asking for funding, the continuous and constant involvement of expert groups and shared specialized training activities and much more. What can we ask and get more from the existing and future 'networks'? What is the future of the NEILS?



R&D&i Building of the University of Salamanca, in its 'Sala de Presentaciones'.

C/ Espejo,2 (37007 Salamanca)

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Doze Restaurant

Plaza de la Isla de la Rúa, 3 (37002 Salamanca)

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The special part of the meeting will be the visit to the CLPU laboratories with the PW-class laser system called VEGA.