Salamanca, 14 February 2017

Dr. Karoly Osvay: The Scientific mission and research technology of ELI-ALPS
Dr. Subhendu Kahaly: The attosecond sources and first experiments in ELI-ALPS
Mr. Lóránt Lehrner: The ELI organisations: ELI-DC  and ELI-ERIC
Dr. Luca Volpe: CLPU as a partner facility
Dr. Rebeca de Nalda: GELUR. Ultrafast Laser Specialized Group. Royal Physical Society of Spain
Dr. Javier Solís: Ultrafast Science ACtivities of the Laser Processing Group. Insituto de Óptica – CISC
Dr. Majid Ebrahim: Broadban Widely Tunable Light Sources: UV to Deep-IR, CW to Few Cycles. ICFO
Dr. Jesús González: Ultrafast Laser Center (CLUR). Complutense University of Madrid.
Dr. Rebeca de Nalda: LANAMAP. Lasers, nanostructres and materials processing. (IQFR) – CSIC
Dr. Javier Honrubia: Research activities on laser-driven plasma at GIFI-UPM
Dr. Pedro Andrés: Programmable femotsecond light control. (GROC – UJI -Universitat Jaume I-)
Dr. Crina Cojocaru: Nonlinear Dynamics, Nonlinear Optics & Lasers (DONLL). UPC
Dr. José Benlliure: The laser laboratory for acceleration and applpications (L2A2). (USC)
Dr. Daniele Tommasini: Light by light diffraction in vacuum at PW lasers. University of Vigo
Dr. Francis Perez: ALBA, the Spanish Synchrotron