Salamanca, 22-24 March 2017

01 Alexis Casner (CELIA): Long Duration Planar Direct-Drive Hydrodynamics Experiments on the NIF
02 Vladimir Tikhonkchuk (CELIA): Experimental investigation of the collective Raman scattering of multiple laser beams in inhomogeneous plasmas
03 Seungho Lee (ILE-Osaka Univ.): A mesaurement of fast heated plasma by using X-ray spectroscopy on magnetic field assist integrated fast ignition experiment
04 Roberto Morales (Univ. Castilla La-Mancha): Charge state and energy loss of argon ions in plasmas created from laser pulses
05 Alessandro Curcio (INFN-LNF): Non collisional hot electron transport in femtosecond regime: analytic calculations of magnetic fields
06 Fabrizio Bisesto (INFN-LNF): Femtosecond dynamics of energetic electrons in high intensity laser-matter interactions
07 Álvaro Antolín (USAL/CLPU): Initial research of Electromagnetic Pulse generated by VEGA system
08 Sophia Malko (CLPU): Numerical studies of ionization dynamics of the warm dense aluminium
09 Jon I. Apiñaniz (CLPU): Picosecond laser-driven EM discharges and application to proton-tailoring
10 Ghassan Zeraouli (CLPU): Adjustable Kirkpatrick-Baez microscope for X-ray diagnostics
11 Cruz Méndez (CLPU): VEGA laser operation
12 Marine Huault (CLPU): Tailoring of proton beams divergence by external quasi-static magnetic fields
13 Carlos Salgado (CLPU): Laser driven electrons & X-ray Betatron radiation generation at VEGA
14 Mohammed Shahzad (Univ. Strathclyde): Wide angle electron beams fromlaser-wakefield accelerators
15 Ricardo Florido (Univ. Palmas de Gran Canaria): Spectroscopic signature of target samples from strong chock experiments for high-energy-density plasma applications
16 Lewis Reid (Univ. Strathclyde): Development of electron & ion beam production at the SCAPA facility
17 Arnaud Debayle (CEA,DAM,DIF/LRC MESO): Electron heating by intense short-pulse lasers propagating through near-critical plasmas