Annual meeting of NAUUL 2013 – 2nd Workshop Operation of PW-class lasers   
June 13th & 14th, Dornburg Castles, Jena, Germany 

– June 13th –

:: Measurement of the intensity 
1. ionization (G. G. Paulus) 
2. Zeeman effect (Evgeny Stambulchik) 
3. QED (Antonino Di Piazza) 

:: Detection and correction of laser pulse aberrations 
1. pulse front tilt (tba) 
2. elimination of prepulses in diode-pumped PW-class lasers (Kaluza) 
3. Will be Double Plasma Mirrors tractable for PW –class lasers (P. Monot) 
4. Beam-transport issues for ultrashort PW pulses (G. Mennerat) 


– June 14th –

:: Detection of secondary radiation 
1. protection against EMP (Eyal Kroupp) 
2. detection of hard X-rays (G. Weber) 
3. scintillator-based proton detectors (U. Schramm)


:: Novel target and target manipulation 
1. Rep-rate for SHHG and ion acceleration (J. Fuchs) 
2. Rep-rate thin foil targets (tba) 
3. droplet targets (tba) 


:: Issues of current laser designs in day-to-day operation
1. Amplitude lasers (G. Riboulet) 
2. Thales lasers (D. Levaillant)