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VEGA is a Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA) system based on Titanium-Sapphire technology. From the very beginning, the CLPU has looked for a versatile identity that allows more users, more experiments and more technological, scientific and innovative development without loss of quality. The result is a unique architecture of this laser system as VEGA has three outputs (with different powers) synchronized by a unique front-end. That is why we talk about: VEGA-1 (20TW), VEGA-2 (200TW) and VEGA-3 (1 PW). Click here to see the VEGA laser system scheme.


Besides its high power, and the fact that VEGA can delivery very short pulses of around 25-30 femtoseconds at a very high repetition rate, the VEGA laser system of the CLPU has very high contrast, as you can see in the following table: