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Lasers Systems

VEGA – Petawatt Laser System

VEGA is the singular equipment of the Spanish Center for Pulsed Lasers. It is a Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA) system based on Titanium-Sapphire technology that has three outputs synchronized by a unique front-end: VEGA-1 (20 TW); VEGA-2 (200 TW) and VEGA-3 (1 PW). Besides its high power, adn the fact that VEGA can delivery  short pulses of around 25-30 femtoseconds at a very high repetition rate, the VEGA laser system of the CLPU has a very high contrast. 

HHR – High Repetition Rate

This laser is a CPA femtosecond commercial equipment (Spitfire) able to emit pulses with a maximum energy of 7 mJ and a high repetition rate of 1kHz. It delivers pulses at a central wavelength of 800 nanometres (in the near infrared part of the spectrum, just outside the region visible to the human eye). The features of this laser  system are optima for the study of the interaction of ultrashort pulses with solid targets and for its application to material processing. 

Ancillary Units

Oscillators Unit 

This ancillary laboratory has been designed to provide support and solutions to industrial and acientific users in their applications and developments in the field of solid-state lasers, optics and photonics. The primary purpose of this Oscillators service is to develop new laser sources, advanced photonic technologies, optical and      laser components and laser system designs that can benefict the development, enhacement, commercialization and fielding of new laser platforms based on solis state media and associated frequency conversion techniques.

Microscopy Unit 

This service is based on a Scanning Electron Microscope –SEM– (EVO  HD25) provided by Carl Zeiss Company. Besides its three detectors, the CLPU’ SEM has been equipped with other three  aditional detectors: a STEM, an EDS and an EBSD. The Spanish Center for Pulsed Lasers contributes with this equippment to support research in Chemistry, Geology and Engineering, among others.

Mechatronics Lab

The Mechatronics Laboratory is a fusionof the Mechanical and Electronic workshops that were designed to serve the laser users at CLPU as well as other institutions related with laser technologies.