Thanks to the Spanish Centre for Pulsed Lasers Spain will become one of the few countries in the word which has a Petawatt Laser System. VEGA as a unique equipment allows the international scientific community to optimize their researchs in the frontier of konwledge of ultraintense lasers.

Although VEGA draws the uniqueness of this infrastructure, the CLPU also offers to all its users (scientific, technological and/or industrial) a set of additional equipments that make the Centre more versatil. The main goal of these ancillary facilities is to support the scientific research, to promote the laser technology and to increase the innovation at this field.

Suplementary Facilities:

  • Additional Light Sources:
    • High Repetition Rate System (HRR)
    • CEP stabilized System (CEP)
  • Support Units:
    • Oscillator Unit
    • Microscopy Unit
  • Assistant Laboratory: Mechatronic Workshop