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NAUUL 2015



Salamanca, 30 th November 2015

The advent of Ti-Sa laser systemsand other promising technologies is nowadays a reality in Europe where an increasing number of Ultra short and Ultra Intense Laser facilities are growing up. The Centro de Laseres Pulsados (CLPU) is one of the most representative facilities in this area and at the moment is finalizing the implementation of a Multi-Terawatt system made by three lasers pulses from 20 TW until 1 PW power at 1-10 Hz synchronised on the fs scale.

The unique combination of high power, short duration and high repetition rate is stimulating a special interest and efforts in the scientific community around the diagnostic development.

According to this, the topic of the NAUUL meeting is focused on the target area diagnostics with particular emphasis to the scientific development connected to the above mentioned peculiarities. To date many researches are in progress in connection with this thematic among which some of the most relevant are:

    • High repetition rate (~> 1Hz): The possibility to work at frequencies larger then 1 Hz open new challenge for detectors (e.g X-ray) and all the devices associated with data acquisition method.
    • Short pulse duration: Measuring sub-ps and fs plasma dynamic is crucial to understand particle acceleration mechanisms and particle transport at different states of matter.  To date X-ray conventional diagnostics have a time resolution still above few hundreds of fs.
    • Ultra High Intensity: For Ultra high Intense regimes GHz Electromagnetic pulses are produced by the laser target interaction. These pulses interfere with the electronic instrumentation around the laser-target interaction point. For this reason a particular attention in the interaction chamber design, is mandatory as well as the implementation of noise filtering. Optical method for transport the information outside of the chamber could also preferable.