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Executive Commission

It is the body responsible for the monitoring and implementation of Consortium activities. 
It is composed of six members, two of each founding member of the Consortium: the Chairman and Vice-chairman (one of them from the Ministry of Economy and Business -MINECO by its Spanish initials) and the other from the Autonomous Community Castilla y León -CCYL by its Spanish initials), and four Board Members, one from the MINECO, one from the CCYL and two from the Universidad de Salamanca.
At least, one representative from each institution must also be a member of the Rector Council.
The Secretary of the Rector Council also works as the Secretary in the Executive Commission. He and the Director of CLPU attend the meetings as non-voting participants.
The Chairman and Vice-chairman of the Commission follow the same rotating system as the Rector Council, taking into account that no institution can hold the chairmanship of both bodies at the same time.
Dª. Ángela Fernández Curto
General Deputy Assistant Director of Major Scientific and Technological Infrastructures. Ministry of Science and Innovation
Dª. Blanca Ares González
Director of Universities and Research. Regional Ministry of Education of the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León.
D. Gerardo Arévalo Vicente
Head of the Financial Issues Service. Universidad de Salamanca.
D. Jesús M. Hurtado Olea
General Secretary of Education. Regional Ministry of Education of the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León.
Dª. Beatriz Albella Rodríguez
Head of Unit, Sub-Directorate for Major Scientific and Technological Infrastructures. Ministry of Science and Innovation.
D. José M. Mateos Roco
Vice-Chancellor of Research Transfer of Knowledge.  Universidad de Salamanca.
D. Javier González Benito
Financial Vice-Chancellor. Universidad de Salamanca.