The CLPU's Rector Council has among its responsibilities to appoint the Director of the Centre, as the scientist who runs the infrastructure. Under the guidelines of the Executive Commission, the Director is the person in charge of the management and administration of the Center, as well as the monitoring of its scientific-technical excellence. The duration of the appointment, as well as the competences of this position, are defined in the consortium statutes, holding the position of its legal representative.

Managing Director
The CLPU's Executive Commission has among its responsibilities to appoint the people in charge of the infrastructure's divisions. The Staff Selection Commission, directed by the President of that Commission, appointed the holder of that position, who also would be the person in charge of the Management Division. Among his responsibilities is to advise the Director, as the highest responsible entity of the Consortium, in the topics of his training and mission, especially those of an administrative and economic nature, trying to optimize the existing resources to be an infrastructure more effective and efficient. 
These positions are not considered as executive positions, but if they would be, they would be subject to the maximum remuneration established in the RD 451/2012, March 5th, which regulates the remuneration system of the senior managers and directors of the public business sector and other entities.
D. Luis Roso Franco
Professor of the Optic Area. Applied Physics Department. Science Faculty. Universidad de Salamanca.
D. Pedro García García
Managing Director. Management Division. Centro de Láseres Pulsados.