Participation of the CLPU in RADNEXT

RADNEXT is an H2020  INFRAIA-02-2020 infrastructure proposal with the objective of creating a network of facilities and related irradiation methodology for responding to the emerging needs of electronics components and system irradiation. RADNEXT will provide scientific users with Transnational Access to a diverse network of facilities related to space radiation effects testing of electronics. The available beams range from x-rays and energetic electrons to protons and heavy-ions.

The Spanish Pulsed Lasers Centre -CLPU- is engaged in the development of new state-of-the-art secondary sources of photons, electrons, and protons. Those secondary sources are obtained by the interaction of the main pulse with a convenient target. The aim of CLPU in the RADNEXT project is to provide access to its ultra-intense pulsed laser for SEE testing of electronics.

Scientific and social relevance

The RADNEXT project aims at increasing and optimizing the access of system developers to irradiation facilities in which representative conditions of their final application are reproduced.

The Integration of Laser-Plasma Accelerators, such as VEGA at CLPU, in the irradiation facility network, will produce a significant increase in beam time offer and the possibility of testing with proton and ion spectra (as present in space) as opposed to using monoenergetic energies.