Laser-Plasma Chair

Laser-Plasma Chair


The CLPU Laser-Plasma (LaPlas) Chair at the University of Salamanca (USAL) has been promoted by the CLPU Advisory Committee and created in 2014 by CLPU with the following goals:

  • Promote and develop LAser-Plasma Physics at the University of Salamanca and in Spain
  • Support the experimental activities run at VEGA, the CLPU petawatt laser system, by driving both national and international users community

The Director o the Chair is Dr. Luca Volpe

The main research lines of LaPlas are:

  • High Power laser-driven particle acceleration
  • Laser-Driven plasmas at extreme conditions
  • Inertial Confinement approach to Fusion
  • Laser-Plasma and particle beam diagnostic techniques
  • Numerical simulations for Laser-Plasma processes

The LaPlas Chair organizes and supports several national and international activities among which:

  • Master courses on Laser-Plasma Physics and related diagnostics (2ECT)
  • PhD programs on Laser-PLasma Physics and applications
  • A Laser-Plasma international Schools (LaPlaSS) annually in September (click here to take a look to LaPlaSS 2020)

The LaPlas is also involved in two master courses at the USAL:

  • Máster Universitario en Física y Tecnología de los Láseres (2ECT)
  • Retos Sociales de la Ciencia y la Tecnología de  Frontera (1 ECT)

LaPlas is involved in several European projects H2020 and ERASMUS+ and several experiments at the CLPU and at the laser laboratories and aborad that are periodically organized under the umbrella of the Chair.