Laboratory of Innovation & Technology in Lasers

This laboratory is designed to provide support and solutions to industrial and scientific users in their applications and developments in the field of solid-state lasers, optics, and photonics. The goal is to be open workstation to scientists and industrial users to develop or enhance their applications either through new designs or optimization studies. 

The primary purpose of LITeL is to develop new laser sources, advanced photonic technologies, optical and laser components and laser system designs that can benefit the development, enhancement, commercialization, and fielding of new laser platforms based on solid-state media and associated frequency conversion techniques.

Laser resonators may be considered to be the heart of any laser system and mainly determine the output beam quality of any type of laser. Therefore resonator design may be the solution to various scientific and technological problems. Controlling the parameter (power, shape, temporal pulse, etc.) of laser beams is central to all laser applications and is an enabling factor for the application of lasers in new technologies and applications.

We will like to explore with users new and novel approaches to the beam of laser radiation with low and high power levels and the design of laser resonators with various nonstandard optical elements and systems. Also, new criteria for laser beam characterization and diagnostic of lasers and amplifiers, and beam and pulse formation in lasers will be interest and useful for users.

Moreover, we should not forget the importance of key optical, photonics and laser components, which are crucial for laser performance and form foundation for advances in laser technology. All around the globe, vast and constantly growing research efforts are dedicated to develop new and more advanced laser components and systems. We sent a lot of time in the study of such components that could be very helpful for users.