4th Laser-Plasma Summer School (LaPlaSS2021)
Experimental methods in high-intensity laser-plasma processes

27th September-1st October 2021


Invited Lectures

  • Malte Kaluza [University of Jena (Germany)]: Ultrafast imaging of laser-driven plasma accelerator
  • Michael Tatarakis [Helenic Mediterranean University (Greece)]: Waves in plasma & associated plasma diagnostics. Studying plasma instabilities
  • Matteo Passoni [Politecnico di Milano (Italy)]: Introduction to superintense laser-driven ion acceleration
  • Arianna Formenti [Politecnico di Milano]: Introduction to superintense laser-driven ion acceleration
  • Gianluca Sarri [Queen's University Belfast (United Kingdom)]: Wakefield acceleration and applications
  • Florian Kroll [Institute of Radiation Physics Dresden (Germany)]: Laser-driven ion accelerators for applications in radiobiology
  • Markus Roth [Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany)]: The need for and future applications for laser-driven neutron sources
  • Dimitri Batani [Univeristy of Bordeaux (France)]: Introduction to High Energy Density Physics
  • Pravesh Patel [Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories (USA)]: The inertial confinement fusion
  • Chen Hui [Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories (USA)]: X-Ray spectroscopy in HED plasmas
  • Sophia Malko [Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (USA)]: Proton radiography of non-uniform Magnetic Field in HED plasmas
  • Alessandro Curcio [Spanish Center for Pulsed Lasers (Spain)]: Radiation mechanisms in ultra-short laser-plasma interactions
  • Luis Roso [Spanish Center for Pulsed Lasers (Spain)]: Extreme Intensity Measurement
  • Patrizio Antici [Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (Canada)]: Applications of laser-accelerated protons
  • Luca Volpe [Spanish Center for Pulsed Lasers (Spain)]: Measurements of Particle and plasma parameters in extreme state of matter
  • Federico Canova [ELI-ERIC]: Update on the status of ELI

CLPU Lectures

  • José Luis Henares: Laser-driven ion acceleration by supersonic gas jet targets
  • Pilar Puyuelo: High-repetition-rate laser-driven ion acceleration with liquid targets
  • Carlos Salgado: Laser-driven particle acceleration and optical diagnostics
  • José Antonio Pérez: Experimental activities at CLPU
  • Jon Apiñaniz: Introduction of laser ion diagnostics
  • Antonia Morabito: Transport &manipulation of laser-driven proton beams for diagnostics and applications
  • Luca Volpe: Scintillator-based proton detector at HRR
  • Roberto Lera: Spatio-temporal diagnostics in ultra-short lasers
  • Michael Ehret: Measurements of rapid electromagnetic phenomena
  • Enrique García: VEGA, CPA laser chain