EPS SM 2021 Posters

EPS SM 2021 Posters

47th Conference on Plasma Physics -  Satellite Meeting
28th - 29th June 2021, Online

High Field laser-plasma interaction (HIFI)
& Laser-driven particle and radiation sources for application (LASA)

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MONDAY, 28th June 2021 (GMT+2)

PS01 - María Ángeles Pérez García
Ultraintense magnetic fields and magnetized vacuum properties

PS01 - Jurjen P. Couperus Cabadag
Gas-dynamic density down ramp injection in a beam-driven plasma wakefield accelerator

PS02 - Artem Martynenko
Optimization of a laser plasma-based X-ray source according to warm dense matter absorption spectroscopy requirements

PS02 - Sandeep Kumar
Terahertz generation by Cross Focused cosh-gaussian laser-beams in underdense plasma

PS03 - Sita Sundar
Velocity shear driven instability in relativistic EMHD regime

PS03 - Brian Edward Marré
Insitu atomic physics for PIC

PS04 - José M. Rojas Artuñedo
Hydrodynamic simulations of laser-generated plasmas with MULTI-fs code

PS04 - Bertrand Martínez
Multi-GeV direct laser acceleration of positrons in a plasma channel 

PS05 - Óscar Löfgren Amaro
Simulating extreme plasma physics on a quantum computer

PS05 - Marvin Reimold
On-shot dosimetry and beam monitoring for radiobiology studies on volumetric in-vivo samples with laser-accelerated proton beams 

PS06 -Alexander Samsonov
Advances in the asymptotic description of the electron motion in the strongly radiation-dominated regime

PS06 - Angela Corvino
Miniscidom: a scintillator-based tomograph for the reconstruction of mm-scale dose distribution

PS07 - Lennart Gaus
Probing laser-solid interactions with small-angle X-ray scattering

PS07 - Vojtech Horny
High flux neutron sources from protons accelerated by a 1-PW-class laser
 PS08 - Pengjie Wang
Super-heavy ions acceleration driven by ultrashort laser pulses at ultrahigh intensity
 PS09 - Vincent Lelasseux
Characterization of neutron beams generated in high-intensity interactions for nuclear physics experiments
 PS10 - Muhammad Ahsan Mahmood
Onsite calibration of radiochromic film using laser-accelerated protons
 PS11 - Juan Peñas
Complete characterization of the energy spectra of laser-accelerated protons for the production of radioisotopes used in PET
 PS012 - Georgiana Giubega
Laser-driven electron acceleration for FLASH radiotherapy
TUESDAY, 29th June 2021 (GMT+2)
PS08 - Gemma Costa
Characterization and optimization of targets for plasma wakefield acceleration at SPARC_LAB 
PS013 - Michael Seimetz
Experimental setup for irradiation of cell cultures at L2A2 
PS09 - Rosa Romero
Single-shot d-scan technique for the temporal characterization of high-power ultrafast laser systems  
PS014 - Michael Ehret
Ion acceleration by ultrashort laser pulses from a near-critical-density gas jet and perspectives to micro-compression 
 PS10 - Martin Jinka
Reaching high laser intensity by a radiating electron 
PS015 - Mahdi Habibi
Magnetic suppression of Bremsstrahlung emission in the relativistic transparency regime 
PS11 - Martin Matys
Plasma shutter for improved ion acceleration by ultraintense laser pulses 
PS016 - Paula S. Kleij
Ultra-energetic electron bunches from surface plasma wave excitation by laser with wavefront rotation in the UHI
PS12 - Daira Radouane
Application of laser in an optical assembly for calculation of deformations following the X and Y directions 
PS017 - Luca Labate
Toward an effective use of laser-driven very high energy electrons for radiotherapy: recent experiments and simulations at INO-C
 PS018 - Ankita Bhagawati
Laser accelerated energetic protons from a non-uniform density plasmasphere
 PS019 - Denys Bondar
Transition of laser-driven wakefield acceleration to self-injected electron-driven wakefield (...)
 PS021 - Camilo Ruiz
A high repetition rate plasma mirror for improvement of the contrast of a high power laser
 PS022 - Zsolt Kovacs
Concept for a novel THz-driven narrow energy spread relativistic electron source
 PS023 - Donaldi Mancelli
Shock Hugoniot data for water up to 5 Mbar obtained with quartz standard at high-energy laser facilities