II ELI-ERIC Iberian Information Day

II ELI-ERIC Iberian Information Day

Iberian Information Day

1 June 2022

The Spanish Center for Pulsed Lasers (CLPU) and the Instituto Técnico de Lisboa in collaboration with the European infrastructure ELI ERIC, under the frame of the IMPULSE Project, will celebrate on 1 of June a joint event in Madrid (and online too) to look for synergies among the two laser infrastructures and the European consortium in order to improve high-intensity lasers science to a future for development, innovation and education in this field.

We cordially invite you to participate in this II ELI-ERIC Iberian Information Day

So please, join us,  make your registration HERE, and share it with your contacts #IberianDay !!

(Madrid time) (Canary Islands & Lisbon Time)
On site registration will be opened on 1 June at 9:30. Coffee will be provided

FIRST PLENARY. 10:00-12:00
Moderators: Marta Fajardo & Luca Volpe

10:00 / 10:30
Welcome and High Representatives Spain and Portugal

10:30 / 10:45ELI ERIC as active actor in building the ERAAllen Weeks
10:45 11:15Opportunities for users and collaborators at ELI facilities (education, research, industry)Roman Hvêzda Director ELI-BL
Dimitris Charalambidis
Chief Scientific Advisor ELI-ALPS
11:15 / 11:30Portuguese capabilities in relation with ELILuís O. Silva
Scientific Coordinator of the Group
of Lasers and Plasmas at IST
11:30 / 11:50Spanish capabilities in relation with ELI
Luis Roso
CLPU Director
Roberto Trigo
CDTI- Head of Department
of Large Facilities
11:50 / 12:00Discussion

Coffee Break 12:00 - 12:30
SECOND PLENARY. 12:30-13:00
Moderators: Marta Fajardo & Luca Volpe

12:30 / 12:45Industry ESErik Fernández 
Spanish Science Industry Association
General Manager, ES
12:45 / 13:00Industry PTJosé Antão
Moderators: Luca Volpe

13:00 / 13:30BREAKTHROUGH IDEAS - Basic research topics frontier research and technology. Rapporteur: A. Morabito (CLPU)Dimitris Charalambidis
Luis Roso
Luis O.  Silva
Sergej Bulanov
Lunch Break 13:00 - 14:30

15:00 / 15:30II. Pillar of HE and EXCELLENT, MISSION ORIENTED, RESEARCH ON HIGH REPETITION / HIGH ENERGY LASERS; Collaboration in topics related to societal challenges. Rapporteur: N. Witzanyova (ELI ERIC)Gonçalo Figueira
Giancarlo Gatti
Lorenzo Giuffrida
Zsolt Fülöp
15:30 / 16:00EDUCATION and TRAINING; A. European Master in laser science and technology. Rapporteur: A. Schmidli (ELI ERIC)

Marta Fajardo
José Miguel Mateos (Univ. of Salamanca)
Dusan Chorvát (ILC/LaserLab)
Dimitris Charalambidis
Michael Vích (ELL-BI)

Ways to collaborate with research infrastructures and ELI ERIC in particular. 
Rapporteur: Goncalo Figueira
Mauricio Rico (CLPU)
Ales Hála (ELI-BI)
David Bereczkei (ELI- ALPS)
José Antão (ILO PT)
Networking Coffee. 30 minutes
in separate rooms with a rapporteur per group
16:45 / 17:15Conclusions of the panel discussions and networking coffee - rapporteurs
17:15 / 17:30Summary conclusions by Allen Weeks, Luis Roso, Luís O. Silva

Optional trip to CLPU, Salamanca during 2 June