VEGA-2 (200TW class laser) did last year successful commissioning experiments, and so CLPU offers 100 shifts (working days) of access during the period October 2017 to October 2018. CLPU invites groups working in the fields of plasma physics, extreme matter physics, laser-particle acceleration, atomic physics, … to submit research proposals for beam time at the VEGA-2 laser.
Proposals can be submitted from April 1st, 2017, and the first selection of the Access Committee will be made with the proposals received until June 30th. Those proposals will be scientifically evaluated by an Access Committee, with participation of highly recognized experts external to CLPU.
Details on the call are available here [ENGLISH] [SPANISH]
Proposals must be submitted through the web tool FARO – Facilities Access Request Online – (FARO means lighthouse in Spanish). However, prior to submission users are encouraged to contact CLPU for more detailed explanation of the VEGA system and the possible experimental setups.