LaPlass Schools

LaPlass Schools

 In this edition, the CLPU works in collaboration with ProBono COST Action CA 21128 to present the 

5th Laser-Plasmas Summer School (LaPLaSS) focused on
High-Intensity laser-plasma processes and related applications



LaPlaSS – Laser-Plasma Summer School

The Laser-Plasma Chair at the University of Salamanca (LaPlas) was created by CLPU in order to promote and develop LAser-Plasma Physics in Salamanca and in Spain, to support the experimental activities in the PW system VEGA @ CLPU, to drive national and international user community around Salamanca, and to form and train a new generation of researchers in the field of High-Power Lasers plasmas and particle-radiation beams to enable them to make optimum use of laser facilities in novel applications. This last is the context where our specialized summer school was born.

The Laser-Plasma Summer School has been created by the Laser-Plasma Chair and the CLPU and it is supported by the Laserlab Europe EU network. The intend of the school is to introduce and include a new generation of students in Laser-Plasma Physics; Láser-Plasma is a short name which meaning includes all the physical process that happens in extreme conditions where a PW-class laser as VEGA is focused onto matter. PW-class lasers are nowadays a well-established reality in Europe and abroad and their main characteristics are the extremely short duration (down to femtoseconds) and the possibility to work at a high-repetition-rate.




Here you have more info about the editions of LAPLASS: 

    • 3rd edition (14-18 September 2020) Online: Experimental methods in high-intensity laser-plasma processes (link)
    • 2nd edition () @ CLPU: Experimental methods for Laser-Plasma Physics (link)
    • 1st edition () @ CLPU: Diagnostic techniques for Laser-Plasma experiments @ HRR (link)

Other Schools

    • ERASMUS+ – PowerlaPs training school (March 2019): Laser Plasma Diagnostics - Theory and Experiments (link)