LaPlaSS Topics


The main topics of the school are: 

  • Laser-Plasma diagnostic
  • Laser-driven particle beam and radiation sources
  • Targetry for high repetition rate


Local Lectures

    • Luca Volpe, Introduction to Laser-Plasma Processes and related diagnostics / Diagnostics for Ions and Ions as diagnostics, Spanish Center for Pulsed Lasers – CLPU & University of Salamanca
    • Giancarlo Gatti, Optical Streak camera methods, Spanish Center for Pulsed Lasers – CLPU
    • Luis Roso, High-Intensity lasers characterization, Spanish Center for Pulsed Lasers – CLPU University of Salamanca
    • José Antonio Pérez, The experimental activity at CLPU, Spanish Center for Pulsed Lasers – CLPU
    • Michael Touati,  Numerical simulations for Laser-Plasma experiments, Spanish Center for Pulsed Lasers – CLPU
    • Yahya Meziani, Terahertz detection, and emission using plasma waves based devices, University of Salamanca & NANOLAB

Invited External Lectures

  • Didier Mazon, Plasma Diagnosis for MCF -  CEA Cadarache FRANCE
  • Alexis Casner, Plasma Diagnosis for ICF - Centre Lasers Intenses et Applications –CELIA–, France
  • Daniel Ursescu, Synchronization and coherent combination of Ultrashort pulses: prospective studies for 2x10PW laser system at ELI-NP, ELI- Nuclear Physics, Romania
  • Ricardo Florido, Atomic plasma physics, iUNAT-Departamento de Física, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
  • Carolina Gutiérrez Neira, Diagnostics for Pixe, CMAM Centro de Micro Analisis de Materiales, Spain
  • Gabriel Schaumann, Challenges of Target Deployment for High Energy Density Experiments: Single Shot to High Repetition Rate  University of Darmstadt, Germany
  • Subhendu Kahaly, Optical Probing of ultrafast processes at high intensities, ELI-ALPS, Hungary

CLPU Team Talks

  • Marine Huault, Ion diagnostics for High rep rate experiments
  • Jon Apananiz, The Thomson parabola
  • Carlos Salgado, Under-dense and near-critical-dense gaseous targets for high repetition rate experiments.
  • Massimo de Marco, Liquid targets for Huigh repetition rate
  • Ghassan Zerouli, X-ray diagnostics
  • José Manuel Álvarez, The CLPU radioprotection programm



The school is organised in three parts called i) Theory, ii) Practice and iii) Exchange

  • i) Theory: 4 full mornings with 4 hours/day of lectures (16 hours)
  • ii) Practice: a series of 30 minutes talks from CLPU team related to diagnostics and targetry techniques and two afternoon of laboratory training.
  • iii) Exchange: 2 Poster sections with previous short presentation of the topics and relative final discussion.

    One visit of the CLPU and one visit of the City will be organized.