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      C/ Adaja 8,  37185 - Villamayor (Salamanca) - SPAIN

      Tel. + 34 923 338 121 / Fax 923 338 134

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  Arrival to Salamanca

  • By Plane
    Salamanca Airport is located fifteen kilometres to the east of the city. It forms part of the Matacán public civilian air station. At specific times of the year offers charter and regular flights to a variety of different Spanish and European cities (click here to look for a flight)

    The closest international airports are Valladolid Airport (situated in the municipality of Villanubla) and Madrid-Barajas, one of the main points of entry for tourists in Spain. They have the advantage of providing a directly bus service from the airports to Salamanca bus station and from the Salamanca bus station to these airports (click here for more information).
  • By Train
    RENFE offers daily railway connections between Salamanca and Madrid-Chamartín, Bilbao, Valladolid, San Sebastian and other international connections to Lisbon, Paris, Oporto… There is a taxi rank outside the train station. (Click here for more train information)
  • By Bus
    A bus service connects Salamanca with the main towns in Spain and several European cities (Munich, Lisbon, Burdeos, Zurich…). The main bus companies serving Salamanca are Alsa and Avanzabus. This one, Avanzabus offers a bus transfer service from Madrid-Barajas airport to Salamanca. The bus stop is situated in the Terminal 1 of the airport, in the car-park located opposite the arrival lounge. Avanzabus also has a bus transfer service from Valladolid airport.
    There is a taxi rank outside the bus station.

Arrival to CLPU in Villamayor (Scientific Park)

  • By taxi
    Arrival to CLPU by taxi takes approximately 15 minutes from the railway station or the Salamanca Airport, and about 10 minutes or less from the bus station. 
  • By Bus

1. There is a bus service ( bus nº 26 'Line Los Almendros – Villamayor – Gudino – Salamanca') from the centre of the city of Salamanca to the Scientific park in Villamayor where the CLPU is located. It takes around 12-14 minutes from the first stop to CLPU. The ticket bus costs 1,40 € and it allows you only one journey on the bus.

Time table: Monday – Friday (no weekend service)
Departures from Salamanca (Avda. Italia)07:4508:4509:4510:4513:0014:0015:1516:3021:00
Departures from Villamayor07:1508:1509:1510:1512:3013:3014:3016:0018:00


2. Bus of Science Park. It is necessary to buy a bus ticket which allows you 30 journeys ib this bus. This ticket costs 30 €. When you get on the bus, you have to stamp your ticket in the machine. You have to buy this ticket at the caretaker's office of M2 Building in Scientific Park before getting the bus. This is very important as you are not allowed to buy the ticket in the bus. The journey to Salamanca lasts around 10-12 minutes. The bus route has only tow stops: CIALe and Science Park. The final stop is the same as the bus number 26.

Time table: Monday – Thursday 
Departures from Salamanca (Avda. Italia)07:4008:4015:40 
Departures from Villamayor14:0018:0019:0020:00
Time table: Friday 
Departures from Salamanca (Avda. Italia)07:4008:40
Departures from Villamayor15:0016:00


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