A daily multichoice test is predicted for all the students through the CLPU Training Platform. We will provide you with the platform credentials, and the link to do the exams.


  • Olga Rosmej, GSI (Germany, DE): X-Rays for diagnostic of laser-matter interaction (see abstract by clicking here)
  • Fabrizio Consoli, ENEA (Italy, IT), Diagnostics of laser-accelerated ions (see abstract by clicking here)
  • Daniele Margarone, ELI Beamlines (Czech Republic, CZ): Laser Plasma based Nuclear Reactions and Applications (see abstract by clicking here)
  • Marco Borghesi, Queen's University Belfast (United Kingdom, UK): Acceleration of ion beams in intense laser-matter interactions: mechanisms & state-of-the-art (see abstract by clicking here)
  • Malte Kaluza, University of Jena (Germany, DE): Ultrafast imaging of laser-driven plasma accelerators (see abstract by clicking here)
  • Gianluca Sarri, Queen's University Belfast (United Kingdom, UK), Lecture 1: Laser-driven wakefield acceleration: basic principles and application to the generation of secondary sources. Lecture 2: Strong-field QED in the field of an intense laser: status and near-term plans.  (see abstract by clicking here)
  • Sebastien Le Pape, École Polytechnique (France, FR): Ignition, a dream that came true: a brief introduction to Inertial Confinement fusion (see abstract by clicking here)
  • Luca Volpe, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain, SP), Introduction to Laser-Plasma Physics.
  • Javier Honrubia, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain, SP), Ion driven fast ignition of inertial fusion targets.
  • Masa Murakami, University of Osaka (Japan, JP), Generation of ultrahigh electric and magnetic fields by imploding microcavities.
  • Jon Apiñaniz, CLPU, Introduction to ion diagnostics in laser/plasma physics.
  • Enrique García, CLPU, Laser diagnostics at CLPU.
  • Mauricio Rico, CLPU, Spatio-Temporal Characterization of Ultrashort Pulses.
  • Antonia Morabito, CLPU, Transport and manipulation of laser driven proton beams for applications. 
  • Carlos Salgado, CLPU, Practical Session introduction: Gas jet characterizacion by interferometry for laser-plasma accelerators. 


  • Yaiza Cortés, CLPU, Communication Workshop.