LAPLASS2020 Lectures

3rd Laser-Plasma Summer School (LAPLASS_3)
Experimental methods in high-intensity laser-plasma processes

14th-18th September 2020


Laser-Fusion HED & WDM

  • Dimitri Batani [University of Bordeaux, France]: Introduction to Inertial Confinement Fusion by laser (abstract)
  • Didier Mazon [CEA Cadarache, France]: ITER and DEMO diagnostics: challenges and perspectives (abstract)
  • Ricardo Florido [Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain]: Atomic physics of hot plasmas and X-ray spectroscopy (abstract)

Particle acceleration and diagnostics

  • Malte Kaluza [University of Jena, Germany]: Ultrafast imaging of laser-driven plasma accelerators (abstract)
  • Michael Tatarakis [Helenic Mediterranean University, Greece]: Waves in plasma & associated plasma diagnostics \\ Studying plasma instabilities
  • Matteo Passoni [Politecnico di Milano, Italy]: Introduction to superintense laser-driven ion acceleration (abstract)
  • Gianluca Sarri [Queen's University Belfast, United Kindom]: Wakefield acceleration and applications (abstract)

Laser-driven particle for applications

  • Josefine Metzkes [Ng Institute of Radiation Physics Dresden, Germany]: Laser-driven ion accelerators for applications in radiobiology (abstract)
  • Patrizio Antici [Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, Canada]: Applications of Laser-Accelerated Protons (abstract)
  • Markus Roth [University of Darmstadt, Germany]: The need for and future applications for laser-driven neutron sources (abstract)


  • José A. Pérez-Hernández (Experimental activity on VEGA) [abstract]
  • José Luis Henares (Design of near-critical gaseous targets) [abstract]
  • Carlos Salgado (Diagnostics of gaseous targets) [abstract]
  • Massimo de Marco (Laser-Plasma experiments with liquid targets) [abstract]
  • Jon I. Apiñaniz (Introduction to particle spectrometry and detection) [abstract]
  • Sophia Malko (Selection and measurement of ion beam for applications) [abstract]
  • Marine Huault (Ion Diagnostics for high repetition rate experiments) [abstract]
  • Ghassan Zeraouli (X-Ray Diagnostics for high repetition rate experiments) [abstract]
  • Enrique García (Laser Diagnostics) [abstract]