47th Conference on Plasma Physics –  Satellite Meeting
28th – 29th June 2021, Online

High Field laser-plasma interaction (HIFI)
& Laser-driven particle and radiation sources for application (LASA)

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MONDAY, 28th June 2021 (GMT+2)

Opening Session

Ángela Fernández Curto (General Deputy Assistant Director of Major Scientific and Technological Infrastructures. Ministry of Science and Innovation)

Blanca Ares González (General Director of Universities and Research. Regional Ministry of Education of the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León)

José Miguel Mateos Roco (Vice-rector of Research. University of Salamanca)

Richard Dendy (Rom Chair of the Plasma Physic division of the EPS)

Luca Volpe (Director of the CLPU Laser-Plasma Chair at the University of Salamanca. Chair of the Conference)

Luis Roso (CLPU Director)



Xavier Ribeyre & Tom Blackburn


Dimitri Batani & Javier Honrubia


IT01Pr.Bychenkov V. Yu (Lebedev Physics Inst,)
Señf-trapping of intense laser pulses and nuclear photonics

IT01 Markus Roth (TU-Darmstadt)
From bronze age swords to nuclear fuel rods to fusion energy – the upcoming prospects of laser-driven secondary sources-

13:50 OT01Anthony Mercuri-Baron (LULI)
Impact of the laser Spatio-temporal shape on Breit-Wheeler pair production
OT01Weipeng Yao (LULI)
Enhanced laser coupling, matter heating, and particle acceleration through Spatially-separated and Symmetrically-overlapped PW L
14:02 OT02Domenico Doria (ELI-NP)
Status of the High-Power Laser Experimental Areas at ELI-NP
OT02 – Sergey Bochkarev (Lebedev Physical Inst.)
Laer interaction with microstructured media for radiation and nuclear application
14:14 Discussion Discussion
14:54 Poster Session
HIFI (H1-H7) || LASA (L1-L12)


Chairman: Luis Roso

Lab1 – Felice Albert (LaserNet USA)
Lab2 – Sylvie Jacquemot(Laserlab)
Lab3 – Ángel Ibarra Sánchez (National Fusion Lab CIEMAT)
Lab4 – Caterina Biscari (Alba Synchrotron)

16:34 Discussion
16:54 Chairman: Luca Volpe
T1 – Robert Fedosejevs (Univ. Alberta)
Laser-driven sources for applications
17:19 MiniT 01 – Javier Honrubia (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
Proton fast ignition of inertial fusion targets revised
17:44 Discussion
Tom Blakburn & Robert Fedosejevs
Javier Honrubia & V. Tikhonchuk
17:54 IT02Remi Capdessus (Univ. Strathclyde)
High-density bunch formation and multi-GeV positron production via radioactive
IT02Ulrich Schramm (HZDR Dresden)
High dose-rate in-vivo irradiation with laser-accelerated proton beams – pilot study results and prerequisites
18:14 OT03 – Helder Crespo (Imperial College London)
Temporal measurement of high-intensity laser pulses directly on target during laser-matter interactions
OT03 – Olga Vais (Lebedev Physcis Institute)
Extreme betatron x-rays from relativistic self-trapping of a short laser pulse
18:26 OT04 – Christian Kohlfürst (HZDR)
Dynamically assisted tunneling in the impulse regime
OT04 – María Cristina Guarrera (IFN LNS)
PRAGUE: the first detector prototype to measure the proton beam range
18:38  Discussion Discussion
TUESDAY, 29th June 2021 (GMT+2)
8:20 Introduction
  Chairman: Luca Volpe
8:30 MiniT 02 Federico Canova (ELI ERIC)
Update of the User capability of the ELI facilities
8:45 Tutorial 02 – Alexey Arefiev (USC San Diego)
Laser-driven magnetic filaments as a platform for high-field science
9:10 Discussion
Xavier Ribeyre & Tom Blakburn
Dimitri Batani & Gianluca Sarri
9:20 IT03 – Henri Vincenti (CEA)
How to approach the Schwinger limit using relativistic plasma mirrors 
IT03 – Matteo Passoni (Politecnico di Milano)
Superintense laser-driven particle sources for the elemental analysis of materials
9:40 OT05 – Zheng Gong (Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics)
Retrieving ultrastrong plasma magnetic fields via ejected electron polarization
OT04 – Anastasios Grigoriadis (Univ. Ioannina)
Improving a high-power laser-based relativistic electron source: the role of laser pulse contrast and gas jet density profile
9:52 OT06  – Hans Peter Schlenvoigt (HZDR)
On the route for detecting vacuum birefringence at an XFEL combined with a PW-class laser
OT06 – Valeria Ospina Bohorquez (CELIA)
Numerical and experimental investigations of ion acceleration by ultraintense laser pulses in high-density gas jets
10:04 Discussion Discussion
10:44 Poster Session
HIFI (H8-H13) || LASA (L13-L24)

Chairman: Federico Canova

Lab5 – Allen Weeks (ELI-DC)
Lab6 – Chang Hee NAM (Asiatic Network High Power lasers)
Lab7 – Luis Roso (CLPU)
Lab8 – Maite Flores (Univ. Santiago Compostela)

12:24 Discussion
Tom Blakburn & Xavier 
Matteo Passoni & Markus Roth
12:44 IT04Yanjun Gu (ILE, Osaka)
Pair creation and high harmonic generation
induced by a relativistic oscillating plasma mirror
IT04 – Gianluca Sarri (Queen’s Univ. Belfast)
Laser-driven positron sources for fundamental science and industrial applications
13:04 OT07 – Marco Galimberti (Central Laser Facility, STFC)
State of the art for the new Petawatt OPCPA beamline VOPPEL at Vulcan laser facility
OT07 – Pilar Puyuelo (CLPU)
Laser-driven ion acceleration with a liquid sheet at a high repetition rate at CLPU
13:16 OT08 – Vasyl I. Maslov (NSC Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology)
Numerical simulation of formation and properties of electron solitary cavities in inertial fusion
OT08 María Ángeles Millán Callado (Univ. Sevilla)
Characterization of laser-driven neutron source for applications
13:28 Discussion Discussion

Poster Prize
Closing Section